Friday, April 15, 2011

A few birthday pictures

If y'all don't already know, I have a wonderful family which also accounts for a wonderful birthday!!  I thought I'd show you a few pics . . .

. . . to me!

Hunter insisted on getting a picture when he gave his present to me!

My birthday cake.  It was angel food cake with cocoa frosting.  The strawberries were just for looks.  I put my candles around the edges.

Me and the balloon I got from Anders and Clara.

Again, some of the kids thought they needed to be in a picture!!

BTW, my birthday was the 13th.

Love, Tara


  1. The cake looks yummy! What'd you get for your birthday?

  2. I got scrapbooking stuff, candy/gum, fabric, sewing lessons from Mom, clothes, AG magazine for a year and I'm not sure what else.